When should you get tested by a health professional ?

For people aged 6 years or older an antigen and/or PCR test, performed by a health professional, is indicated in the following situations

In the event of symptoms

A test is indicated if you have at least one of the following symptoms :

  • Respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, short breath or chest pain) 
  • Fever 
  • Loss of taste or smell (without having a blocked nose)
  • Generalized fatigue 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Headache 
  • Cold (blocked/runny nose) 
  • Digestive symptoms (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea) 
  • Cutaneous eruption or decoloration of fingers/toes
In the event of a positive self-test

If you have performed a self-test which has come back positive, a confirmation test needs to be performed in an official test center or a pharmacy providing these services.

For a COVID certificate

If you aren't doubly vaccinated and need a COVID certificate. In this case, a negative result is valid for 24h for rapid antigen tests an 72h for a PCR.


If you travel overseas, do inform yourself about entry requirements at the ambassy of the country of your destination. In numerous countries a proof of complete vaccination is sufficient. Sometimes, however, a test (antigen and/or PCR) is needed. Make sure that you do this test at a center which provides valid travel certificats.

If you arrive in Switzerland from overseas, please refer to the FOPH recommendations, in order to determine whether an entry form, a negative test and/or a quarantine are necessary.

Where to get tested?

List of official SARS-CoV-2 antigen- or PCR-test centers
For further information
Information for health care professionals