LE POGAM Marie-Annick

LE POGAM Marie-Annick

Associate Physician (Médecin associé), lecturer (chargée de cours)
Epidemiology and Data Science sector - Department of Epidemiology and Health Systems (DESS)

Diplômes : MD (Family Medicine and Public Health and Prevention)
Titres académiques : MPH, PhD
Domaine de recherche : - Clinical epidemiology
- Development and validation of health and healthcare-related indicator using routinely collected health data
- Monitoring and comparison of healthcare quality and patient safety using routinely collected health data
- Predictive modelling
- Clinical risk scores and stratification indicators
- Secondary use of electronic medical record and hospital/insurance claims data
- International classifications for coding healthcare information (e.g.; ICD-10, ICD-11, SNOMED-CT)
- Digital health and artificial intelligence
- Quantitative research methodology
Enseignement : CAS Healthcare Quality - quality processes and measurement module
CAS Clinical Research
CAS Governance of Health Systems - Digital Health module
Master of Medicine - Clinical Research and Epidemiology
Bachelor of Medicine - Immersion in the community module (qualitative research)
Introduction to Clinical Research Methods - Faculty of Biology and Medicine, Doctoral School, University of Lausanne
Public Health Surveillance and Population Health Monitoring (advanced module), Inter-university Graduate Campus (IGC) | SSPH+
As a board-certified physician specializing in Family Medicine and Public Health and Prevention, my academic trajectory includes a master’s degree in Public Health (Biostatistics) from the University of Paris XI and a PhD from the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine. Furthermore, I have been accredited with the SSPH+ Certificate in Public Health by the Swiss School of Public Health.

For over a decade, I served as a clinical epidemiologist in renowned French university hospitals and key government agencies, gaining in-depth knowledge of research methodology and evaluation of healthcare policy effectiveness. I transitioned to the University Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine in Lausanne (CH) in 2013, which became Unisanté in 2019. I now serve as an associate physician in Unisanté’s Epidemiology and Health Data Science Unit, Department of Epidemiology and Health Systems.

My research focuses on the development and validation of health and healthcare-related indicators. This is achieved by analyzing routinely collected data such as billing, electronic medical record, or cohort data. I employ rule-based or data-driven (or hybrid) methods, including machine learning (supervised & semi-supervised ML, clustering) for structured data, natural language processing, and statistical modeling for high-dimensional datasets. These approaches enable the conception of healthcare quality metrics, patient safety indicators, risk-stratification algorithms, and monitoring indicators for health status or clinical procedures/conditions.

Passionate about health tech innovation, I teach/lead courses on digital health and data sciences. I am honored to be a member of EUPHA’s Digital Health Section and WHO’s Advisory Group on Quality and Safety.

- Main recent research projects -
2021-2023 - TOCCATA - ImpacT of the COVID-19 Crisis on the quality of Cancer cAre in SwiTzerlAnd: a mixed study based on hospital discharge data and insurance claims data (principal investigator, Swiss cancer League

2017-2021 - SWISSMADE – Swiss monitoring of adverse drug events from in older inpatients using electronic medical records (co-investigator, SNF NRP74, CER-VD 2018-00272)

2016-2022 - eFrailty score - Development of the eFrailty score based on hospital discharge data linked to cohort data to predict Fried’s Physical Frailty Phenotype (principal investigator, no funding, CER-VD 2016-00900)

- International collaborations -
2010 – Present: Member of the International Methodology Consortium for Coded Health Information (https://imecchinetwork.org/)
2010-2013: French representative at the Health Care Quality Indicator (HCQI) working group of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (https://www.oecd.org/els/health-systems/50473942.pdf)
2015 - Present: Member of the French-speaking Clinical Epidemiology Network (http://recif.univ-lyon1.fr/user/default.asp)
2020 - Present: Member of the WHO-Topic Advisory Group Quality and Safety (https://www.who.int/classifications/qstag/en/)
2021 - Present: Member of the steering committee of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) Digital Health section (https://eupha.org/section_page.php?section_page=235)